Q&A with Lana DeVito, Jewellery Designer

Lana DeVito is a jewellery designer from Boston, MA. Her passion for the craft times back to her early days in her grandmother’s bedroom. She used to dress up with big, heavy earrings and pretend to be a grown up.

How is your process of creation?

I usually start with the moodboarding and conceptualisation of a new collection. Usually that begins way earlier when I start taking photographs and sketching silly ideas for shapes.

What inspires you?

The Earth is my biggest inspiration and influence. I like to visit crystal stores, vintage bazars and be inspired with the beauty of raw stones.

By Asociacion Pro-Indigena

Asociación Pro-Indígena es una Asociación Civil que tiene como principal objetivo contrarrestar la problemática de salud y la marginalidad de los indígenas que viven en el Estado de Chihuahua.